Preparation for Business Life

profesyonelCompetence Evaluation Program

Competence Evaluation Program, designed to steer students who prepare for business or academic life and to give right decisions.

Recognize Yourself!
Aware of Your Strenghts and Weaknesses!
Take a True Step Forward Looking!

– Program is an inventory application in computer environment.
– It can be filled in English for International students.
– After inventory, feedback sessions will be given.
– Attending the program is free and there is a quota.
Click here to attend the program.

Career Planning Workshops

10805553_916429511708223_393276253532161225_nOur goal is to help the students by career mentorship service from their first day in university.

With appointment;
– Recognize yourselves better in the direction of point of interests,
– Making a right career planning in the direction of career goal,
– Preparing proper CV for their goals,
– Guidance for proper internship and job opportunities for their goals,
– Introduction of companies and sectors,

one to one career guidance services are given about these topics in workshop format.

CV Preparation

Hints of CV Preparation
To be remarkable;
1. Presentation
Choose proper template (pdf, word format)
Choose readable typefont like Arial or Times News Roman
Font size should be 10-12
Be careful about margins
2. Format
If you are new alumni or you do not have experience, do not prepare CV longer than 1 page
Be careful about appealing to the eye and easy readable
Prefer proper format for position of appeal and your quality
Try to choose bold typefont for titles
3. Content
Write name, address and contact information on top of the page
Absolutely indicate your career goal as a short paragraph
Choose topic titles as interesting for interviewer
Write information about position that you want to appeal
Emphasize your skills, achievements, attended projects
Be careful about misspelling and punctuation errors
Be honest and consistent but do not be meek
Finishing Touches
Absolutely when you finish your CV, receive opinion from your friend, a Human Resources professional or a person who do not know you
Prepare distinct CV for each position that you appeal and company
Do not forget important information like graduate year, GPA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Check one more time for misspelling and punctuation errors

You can find example CVs below.


Interview Simulation

Important Hints

  • Go interview on time
  • Be careful about your clothes, try to be chic and well-groomed but avoid to be excessive
  • Be calm and smile
  • Be careful about your body language
  • Turn off your phone while interview goes on
  • Care to have eye contact
  • Use your energy well, avoid to be more calm or moving
  • Arrange your voice tone, person who is in the face of you can hear you easily

You can find example interview simulation videos below

Interview Video1

Interview Video2

Interview Video3

Interview Video4

Interview Video5



Active Social Media Using

According to statistical researchs in last years, social media is used at the rate of %70 for new recruitments. Accordingly if you are in virtual world, also you are in business life.
Which social media site should be used?
1. Linkedin
Business life, new developments, business relations and recruitment process is affected the most. Actually we can say dynamic CV database. People are supported to be active, to have dialogue, to have connections. Meeting and contact more formal and professional. Reliability is high.
2. Twitter
Many people has account of twitter. It is used more for private goals in Turkey. Many companies use this platform with their accounts. Foreigners both employers and jobseekers use this platform for job goals.
3. Pinterest
First occurs, only picture are shared but last times especially infographics are used in this social platform. You can state your job ideas, interested environments, CV, skills and abilities with visuals.
4. Google+
When you make a search about importance of google+, you can find sharings in platforms of Google. Programs that are searching perfection based consider your sharings. Your sharings about your job, business ideas and interested fields provides to come to the forefront.
5. Facebook
Facebook especially individual, friends and in family members used platform in Turkey. B2C companies use for business.

If you want to use social platforms for your jobs and careers, you can use one or a few or all of them as matching each of them.

Support Program for International Students

uluslararası öğrenciWe try to support adaptation of our international students both our country and business life of our country.

Our students can find answers for their questions and can benefit from all our services especially job and internship opportunuities.